Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Washington County Fair Photo Contest

And speaking of fairs... for the past few years, well, it's been three to be exact, ever since we moved to the great state of RI, I have been entering pictures in the Washington County fair.
 You have to be an amateur to enter, and that is what I am, and this will probably be the closest I will Ever come to having my pictures in the lime light Ü... but not that that is important to me... I do it just for fun. 
I just love photography!
I can actually remember the first picture I ever took. I was seven years old using a brownie camera. It was a black and white snapshot of my cat on the lawn. I was fascinated!
That is when the seed was planted but it didn't begin to sprout until many years later when I was in highschool and I bought my first slr. And then my fascination turned into love!
But now, with digital photography and computer post processing that seed that was planted so long ago has become a tree with the sky as the limit! Seriously, how exciting is that! Ü
And not only that, I believe that I may have a budding seedling in my own son! Ü
One day, unbeknownst to me, Webster took my camera and took the picture below that we also entered in the fair in the Jr. Division and he won first place!

So proud of my Boy! Ü

The rest of these pictures are the ones that I entered listed in their respective catergories:
Digitally Enhanced:
102473 People
(1st Place)

Digitally Enhanced:
102493 Scene

102437 People (Color)
(1st Place)

102437 People (Color)
(1st Place)

102435 Scene (Color)

102432 Animal (Black and White)
(1st Place)

102433 People (Black and White)
(3rd Place)

102460 What Was I Thinking!?!
(1st Place)

102440 Time Lapse Sequence
(4th Place)

102440 Time Lapse Sequence
(3rd Place)

They do have a limit on how many you can enter in each catergory so I wasn't able to enter these last two...

but there's always next year... Ü

Friday, August 27, 2010

Could you Please Pass the

There comes a time in every childs life when riding the merry-go-round no longer holds the thrill and excitement that it once did and they look longingly at the other rides, the Big Kid rides, and wait for the day when they are both tall enough and brave enough to take that next step...
Well this Day was that Day... the Day to face the Fury... Pharoahs Fury to be exact!

And I just happened to be there with my camera to document the historic event... this was Noahs experience...

He looks a bit worried...
Decides he doesn't want to look...
then starts to grimace...
At this point I got worried... 
because he looked like he was about to blow
 and not sure what to do, I was simultainiously thinking, should I stop the ride...
(but there was no time to do that) or should I run away! I really did not want to see what was about to hit those poor happy children around him!!
But... fortunately, Noah's looks were deceiving and he was actually just screaming repeatedly for his Mommy to stop the ride... reminiscent of a certain other sibling of his... *cough-cough Madison *cough* Ü  
Okay, he really wasn't doing that either but I do believe though, he may have been about ready to 'pop' an artery here... 

Then I met a good friend at the fair and it just so happened that her daughter was going on the 'Big Kid' rides for the first time too... and I was able to record her momentous moment also Ü

 She was fortunate enough to have had her big brother with her when she went.
She's looking a bit worried...
 but look who is sitting cool as a cucumber in the back!
While everyone else is white knuckling the safety bar 

 Oh Looky... Barbie and Skipper are even putting their hands up! Ü
Katie? Ummm... are you feeling all right???
Hmmm... even Big Brother is looking a bit green here!

Ooooh Lord Help us!!
They Didn't Die!

Wooo-Hooo! We Lived!
They didn't even *pop* an artery!