Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Weird Tip

I woke up this morning, rolled over in bed, peeked out the window at the snow and settled back in to stare at the ceiling and get my thoughts together for the day when this 'popped' into my head "What weird tip is it that melts away belly fat?" 
Huh? Now why would I think of that? Except that it is one of the most frequent and obnoxious adds that pop-up while browsing the internet today!
And it's adds like this one, which remind me of the gimmick used by those exhibits at the fair in which a schmuck has to fork over a $1.00 to view the unicorn only to find out after paying that the unicorn is actually only a cow with a deformed horn.
Now, I have on occasion been a schmuck and paid the buck and saw the uni-horned cow but I make it a rule Not to click on any adds on the internet at anytime, Ever! As I am convinced that they are out to infect my computer or steal my identity or some other malicious trick, which is not a good thing! And seeing as though my husband is 'The Farmer of the DELLS' and I am an extension of him, so to speak, it would be a really Bad thing! Cause, you know, brilliant computer people are above being infected with such things! Heh heh heh *wink*~*nudge*
And so it is really annoying because, aside from being a buckless schmuck, you're left to wonder?

But because it was implanted into my brain upon awakening this morning I've been thinking about it and thought I would look into it.

So, what is the one weird tip for belly loss? According to sources on the net, the so-called "tip" is drinking lots of acai juice. Acai juice acts as sort of a cleanser to rid the body of unwanted weight. Unfortunately, as with most "cleansers", all the body tends to loose is water, which ends up coming back once you stop taking the juice.

So there, now I know... and so do you!

And it would be really weird for me to do a post without even one picture... so I thought beings we were talking 'fat' here I would include this 'fatbooth' picture of Webster.

And I highly doubt that is acai juice dripping from his... chin-s?
heh heh heh


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  1. Weird tip #2, you can change your name through your blogger account without changing your name in your google account.


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