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A Winter Walk - January 17, 2011

Last year, we had snow.
This year we don't.
So last year we went for walks in the snow.
This year we can't... Not that I'm really complaining about it!
So these pictures are from last year... when we did have snow!

This is our friend, and former farm worker, Dougie... Last year he and his family went for walks with us in the snow, but this year he can't. IMG_1836-2 copy 2

Dougie has since moved on to bigger and better pastures. He joined the Navy and is now in Texas going to school... there's no snow in Texas either. That is Dougies sister Estelle... she goes for walks too.

IMG_1838 copy 2

Dougie had snow shoes on... Webster was coveting his snow shoes.

IMG_1840 copy 2

So Dougie, not being stingy, let Webster use them.

IMG_1846 copy 2

Dougie helps Webster put them on.

IMG_1844 copy 2

Dougie and Estelles Mother is the walking ring leader. She is in the middle... sorta like Monkey in the middle, but not quite.

IMG_1858 copy 2

Hmmm...What is that speck on the path behind us?

IMG_1847 copy 2

Uh-oh... I think we have a soldier down

IMG_1849 copy 2

Really though... Webster needed to soldier down.
You see, he wasn't happy that we weren't feeling sorry for his young little legs being tired and we kept walking, leaving him in the dust... or... snow.

IMG_1848 copy 2

But we did wait for him to catch up... which was very motherly of me don't you think?

IMG_1850 copy 2

I don't seem to think wearing snow shoes makes walking any easier?

I think Dougie is checking the map to see where we are... and he is saying we are lost.

IMG_1854 copy 2
Just kidding, we weren't lost.

It is really awesome that our town has it's own forest with walking trails... I think all towns should have their own forests.
Wouldn't that be cool?

IMG_1856 copy 2

I like this picture of Webster that I took... he looks like he is sleeping... and he is so calm and quiet when he is sleeping.

  IMG_1842-2 copy 2

That's why I really do like this picture.


A Winter Walk

 January 17, 2011