Friday, July 29, 2011

Gardening Tip!

When you're out in your garden picking nasty hornworm caterpillers off of your tomato plants and you happen to find a different caterpiller and your 10 year old son says he is going to run into the house and bring back the 'bug' book to find out what it is... don't believe him because he won't come back... and while you're waiting for the son that never returns... NEVER under any circumstances should you put said caterpiller inside your shoe for safe keeping... especially if you are barefoot... nope, nope, just don't do it... you'll be scarred for life!

I'm sure the neighbors are used to me by now... I hope?

(I would put my usual smiley face here but I can't, I'm just too grossed out... Bleah!)

Monday, July 25, 2011


Last night I looked outside and saw Webster sitting in the pasture alone with the goats. So I grabbed my camera and wandered out to see what he was doing.


He had been playing with Martha's babies Mordecai and Ester and I was able to get this great shot of him holding them both on his lap

(Awwww... ain't they just the sweetest things!)

But then I guess Ester had had enough of being held
and was ready to be put down...

(CHOMP! heh heh heh I guess baby goaties have teeth then eh?)

So that just left Mordecai and they shared some bonding time together...


He's gonna make a good daddy some day! ♥

Well... I'm kinda sleepy myself... so for today and it's blessings I thank you Lord!

Goodnight Everyone... Sleep well!



One Liners... Ü



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Well for Goodness Sake!

 He's Back again!!!











Bountiful Blessings Farm is proud to announce Benjamin buckling born on July 23rd to Mary and fathered by Zacchaeus!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Organized Anarchy

Okay, I put together this slideshow of the all the different flowers growing in my garden in the past month. I really don't have much of a gardening 'style'  per se although a friend told me it was called cottage gardening... I've always just referred to it as organized anarchy! hehehehe Ü

I hope you all enjoy viewing the pictures... even though it's not quite the same as being here in person!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'll Have One of Each Please!

It is fitting that the sky is Pink and Blue

because strange things have been happening around here...



Yep! We've been visited by the Stork! Ü

And we have been blessed with two babies,
one of each... a doeling and a buckling!!


Bountiful Blessings Farm is proud to announce...

ummmm... Girl and Boy!!

(Girl is the darker one on your left and Boy is the lighter one on your right)

And oh my-oh-my are they C-U-T-E!!

They were born to Martha and so far she has been a very sweet and loving momma.


I'm just hoping and praying that the babies can get enough to drink in this heat wave and the horse flies will leave them alone also! Nasty creatures those flies are!

Well... I'm heading back out to check on them again... and to swat flies and take a few more pictures!