Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This morning, Massey was washing some dishes at the sink when she saw something Big fly through the backyard and land in the trees at the back of our property.
Of course it was a bird... but this was not just any ordinary Big Bird she saw, it was one that I have been hearing in the woods and wanting to see ever since we moved here over three years ago!

Here is a picture I took of it. It is right near the middle... Do you know what it is?


If you guessed woodpecker by the red on his head then you are right!

Here is a closer picture of him -
Isn't he beautiful!

I was sooooo excited... Massey said she wished she had a video of me at the time because I was kinda going spastic about it! hehehehe

So that was my waa-hooo moment that I have been waiting for for a long time!
And then after fixing dinner (in which we ate Beef Stew, in case you were wondering), we made a big bowl of fruit salad.


Added some vanilla yogurt to it-


Stirred it up, and dished it out and topped it with a touch of nutmeg...


A wonderful lowfat desert that is Soooo Yummy!!