Monday, November 30, 2009

Big is a matter of perspective...

Last week after riding lessons where Webster rode Sundance he had asked if this week he could ride one of the big horses.
Now, if you were to ask me what a big horse was I would say it is a matter of perspective as I say anything that is taller or weighs more than I do is big... so my 250 lb mini horse is in the 'big' catergory!
But for Webster when he says 'big' he means 'BIG' which is about one size smaller than an elephant.  
So, this week he did indeed get to ride a BIG horse... a Percheron!
And although he has ridden them before...

(here is Webster and Blue in August 2008... little riders do dream BIG!)

the circumstances were a bit different.

This time he got to ride Sydney... isn't he sweet!

B tacked him up..

and gave Webster a boost up on top...
and away they went!

The last time when he rode BIG it was in a outdoor round pen and this time he had the whole BIG indoor arena to himself...

and I think the bigness might have been a wee bit intimidating... 

having all that open space around him.

So we shortened the lesson for today...

and that is fine as I can't blame him a bit as I cannot even stake the claim of ever having ridden an elephant...errr... I mean a Percheron myself! So I am pretty durn proud of my little man!

And wouldn't you know, it just so happened that after his lesson...

 there was a barn decorating party going on!

So Webster got to make an ornament and a stocking to bring home.

B made sure there was plenty of glitter and glue...

And even the handicapped were pretty... handy  
heh heh heh

 And there were fantastic cookies and treats... yum yum!
I think Roofus thought so too...
Right Roo?
Yep... God is Good!
And Life is Good too!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Sons...

I had been wanting to get some picture of the two of my sons together for a long while now.
I had already taken pictures of Webster with his older sister when she was visiting here in the spring from the midwest  and I was able to get many many pictures! It would seem the two of them work very well together in front of the camera!

So this is Web and his Momma Sissy...

Madison-and-Noah 002
Heh heh heh...*BONK* this one cracks me up!

You would think being able to get a few snapshots of my boys together would be an easier task seeings as though they are living closer to each other, but, alas, with the older working it just hasn't become a reality... well... that is until now!

So at Thanksgiving, I was finally able to get a couple... and for that I am Thankful!
So here is Web and his BIG brother!


I love my kids!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Day... even though every day is Thanksgiving day! Ü

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving...
To start I would like you to feast your eyes upon this FEAST!

Isn't that like the most colorful plate of tasty vittles that you have ever laid your eyes on?

But before we ate of that splendid array of morsels we were thankful to have family stop by to visit on their way to Gran mama's house.

It was Webster's cousins on his Papa's side of the family.

Such beautiful children!
It was our pleasure to introduce them to our diverse grouping of critters


Okay... Everyone say CHEEEESE!

Reminiscent of Rockwell, no?

And what do ya know!
More proof that it IS hereditary!!
Rooster Tail!

Heh heh heh
(Okay... so it is not quite a rooster tail... but chicken tails count too!)

And then there was the close encounters of the furry kind...


Tickle-Tickle-Tickle... Ü

Kung Foo... Fu?
 I think Sammy likes Mrs. Fu... Foo?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanks Giving! Bon Appetit!

Has anybody ever added a little... then a little more... then a little more... then get tired of adding a little more and added a lot more just to discover that a little more would have done it?


And has anybody ever accidently added cayenne pepper instead of paparika?


Just wondering...

What was that Honey?

I couldn't hear you?

Did you say... you want a big glass of water?

Well... gotta go...

Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone!


Martha Washington Geranium

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Nostril NOAH!


From a far away land

The Great...
The Wonderful...
The Spectacular...

(And the crowd goes wild!)

Here he is folks...
A hush comes over the crowd
as Noah concentrates before
his first attempt...

No Nostril Noah

There he goes!

Oh Look! One is gone!

No Nostril Noah

The crowd erupts with cheering
as No Nostril Noah exerts
all his strength...

No Nostril Noah


He's done it!

No Nostril Noah

Heh heh heh...

And to think such talent
comes from my gene pool!

Makes a mother proud!

(Hey... What did you all expect for free?)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Trails to you!

Here is Webster riding Sundance at last weeks riding lesson...


I know... at this point you are scratching your head thinking to yourself ... who on earth is Webster??
Well... I am so  glad you asked!
I have decided for the sake of obscurity on this blog not to use our real God-given names. So that left me with the daunting task of coming up with some clever replacements.
So for me I thought... hmmm... I am a wife... and I live on a farm... what would be a good alias for me...

And then it came to me... like it just popped into my head outta nowhere...

 The Farmer's Wife! I mean really, how clever was that?

So then Webster's came even easier...  as he already had his nickname that had been lovingly bestowed upon him by a friend who when asked why he called him Webster replied that "the kid knows more facts than someone three times his age" and boy, if that ain't the truth!
And I would think that anyone who has had the pleasure to be the recipient of those facts is now shaking their heads in hearty agreement that Webster is indeed a fitting name.
Yep... Noah-Webster it is... heh heh heh  
(Get it? Noah... Webster? Ü)
And if you don't know who the real Noah Webster is... you can click HERE to find out... I think he is a really cool guy!

And now I am left with finding one more alias and I think I am getting real close but am not quite settled just yet so I will wait to share his name in a later post.

As for now... we need to get back to Webster and his riding lessons!


Happy Trails to you... until we meet again!


"Oh My Goodness!"

The as-yet-to-be-named-one just informed me that he mailed everyone in God's creation a link to this blog!
(said with eyes boggling out of my head!)

Well... okay then, 'Hello there!' I am glad you stopped by!

Pull up a chair and make yourself at home or... at least something like that...

And if a certain someone reads this... just to let you know... I did not steal the 'heh heh heh's' from you ;○p as you know... stealing would be really un-christian like and I just wouldn't do something like that... I mean really... and besides who said it was yours to begin with! ... heh heh heh...Ü

Monday, November 16, 2009

Some things in Life... I wouldn't have any other way!

In the still of the morning

when everything is quiet
the only sound is the wind
whispering through the trees

then the creatures begin to stir
and the rooster crows
announcing the
start of a new day

and the world awakes
with the morning sun

And life is good

Yep... Life is good...

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mums the Word!

I  love mums!
Really, I do! It is at the last of the season just before every green thing succumbs to the last killing frost that these shine forth!

And shine they do!

And I await their apperance as I would wait for the arrival of a dear friend...

and they have never failed to disappoint!

I mean really...

 could you imagine...

what autumn...

would be like...

without them???

Me niether!!