Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Trails to you!

Here is Webster riding Sundance at last weeks riding lesson...


I know... at this point you are scratching your head thinking to yourself ... who on earth is Webster??
Well... I am so  glad you asked!
I have decided for the sake of obscurity on this blog not to use our real God-given names. So that left me with the daunting task of coming up with some clever replacements.
So for me I thought... hmmm... I am a wife... and I live on a farm... what would be a good alias for me...

And then it came to me... like it just popped into my head outta nowhere...

 The Farmer's Wife! I mean really, how clever was that?

So then Webster's came even easier...  as he already had his nickname that had been lovingly bestowed upon him by a friend who when asked why he called him Webster replied that "the kid knows more facts than someone three times his age" and boy, if that ain't the truth!
And I would think that anyone who has had the pleasure to be the recipient of those facts is now shaking their heads in hearty agreement that Webster is indeed a fitting name.
Yep... Noah-Webster it is... heh heh heh  
(Get it? Noah... Webster? Ü)
And if you don't know who the real Noah Webster is... you can click HERE to find out... I think he is a really cool guy!

And now I am left with finding one more alias and I think I am getting real close but am not quite settled just yet so I will wait to share his name in a later post.

As for now... we need to get back to Webster and his riding lessons!


Happy Trails to you... until we meet again!


"Oh My Goodness!"

The as-yet-to-be-named-one just informed me that he mailed everyone in God's creation a link to this blog!
(said with eyes boggling out of my head!)

Well... okay then, 'Hello there!' I am glad you stopped by!

Pull up a chair and make yourself at home or... at least something like that...

And if a certain someone reads this... just to let you know... I did not steal the 'heh heh heh's' from you ;○p as you know... stealing would be really un-christian like and I just wouldn't do something like that... I mean really... and besides who said it was yours to begin with! ... heh heh heh...Ü

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