Monday, November 30, 2009

Big is a matter of perspective...

Last week after riding lessons where Webster rode Sundance he had asked if this week he could ride one of the big horses.
Now, if you were to ask me what a big horse was I would say it is a matter of perspective as I say anything that is taller or weighs more than I do is big... so my 250 lb mini horse is in the 'big' catergory!
But for Webster when he says 'big' he means 'BIG' which is about one size smaller than an elephant.  
So, this week he did indeed get to ride a BIG horse... a Percheron!
And although he has ridden them before...

(here is Webster and Blue in August 2008... little riders do dream BIG!)

the circumstances were a bit different.

This time he got to ride Sydney... isn't he sweet!

B tacked him up..

and gave Webster a boost up on top...
and away they went!

The last time when he rode BIG it was in a outdoor round pen and this time he had the whole BIG indoor arena to himself...

and I think the bigness might have been a wee bit intimidating... 

having all that open space around him.

So we shortened the lesson for today...

and that is fine as I can't blame him a bit as I cannot even stake the claim of ever having ridden an elephant...errr... I mean a Percheron myself! So I am pretty durn proud of my little man!

And wouldn't you know, it just so happened that after his lesson...

 there was a barn decorating party going on!

So Webster got to make an ornament and a stocking to bring home.

B made sure there was plenty of glitter and glue...

And even the handicapped were pretty... handy  
heh heh heh

 And there were fantastic cookies and treats... yum yum!
I think Roofus thought so too...
Right Roo?
Yep... God is Good!
And Life is Good too!

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