Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eww! and Oww!!

Okay, I am in pain and grossed out at the same time.
Yesterday, the top of my right hand started hurting me and it has done this before but I just dealt with it and it eventually went away. But this time it has gotten worse instead of better and just tonight it was doing some weird things... it felt like there was an air bubble moving around inside my hand when I would bend my fingers.

This is where it hurts

So I told the Farmer of the Dells, I said it feels like my hand is squeaking everytime I move my fingers, which he thought was rather funny as he imagined me trying to tell my doctor that my hand was squeaking... Well! It actually is squeaking!

Listen to this -
(you might have to turn up the volume)
{and that is Cliffords toenails clicking on the floor as he approaches... and yes, that is my iphone, fuzzbuster, camera lens, empty pill bottle, tweezers and general junk on my desk Ü}
Ewww! Isn't that gross?

And it is just getting worse with crackles and pops too! I can't even move my hand without it hurting or making noise. So I went upstairs into our bathroom closet and rummaged around looking for my lifetime collection of ace bandages and got out a hand brace to put on hoping it would hold things in place.


It felt better but it wasn't able to supply enough stability to my fingers so...


I used two rawhide dog chewies and a hair scrunchie to prevent my finger from bending... and it is working!

I've been doing some research on the net as to what could be causing my problem and the closest thing I have come up with is hand tendonitis.

And the squeaking and pain would be caused by my inflamed tendons rubbing and catching everytime I bend my fingers!
Gaaa! Ewww... now that is just gross! ~shivers~

I got this info of of I closed the page before I got the address but oh well... 

A tendon is a band of fibrous connective tissue that usually joins a muscle to bone. Tendonitis is an inflammation of a tendon, and tendonitis of the hand is typically an overuse injury.


Hand tendonitis usually results from tendon strain caused by overuse of the muscles in the hand, wrist or forearm. It can also be caused by an unusual use of the hand.
Tendonitis can also result from a direct blow to the hand that bruises the underlying tissue. This can cause blood from capillaries to infiltrate the tendons, inflaming them.

Risk Factors

The activities most likely to cause hand tendonitits include sports with throwing or contact.
The chances of complications from surgery for hand tendonitis increase with smoking, drug abuse and chronic illnesses.


Hand tendonitis is less likely when athletes are properly conditioned and warmed up. Protective gear can also reduce the chances of hand tendonitis.

Prolonged Healing

Tendonitis in the hand commonly takes a long time to heal because patients tend to resume activity too soon. It's also especially prone to recurrence.

This site actually has a more in-depth info: What Are the Causes of Tendonitis in the Hand?
But this is kinda stinky... that my dominate hand would be out of commission during planting season! I guess Webster is literally going to be my right hand man for awhile! hehehehe
Actually, I would appreciate prayers for a speedy healing for me and I'm sure Webster will appreciate them too! ;-)

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  1. dude iv got the same problem, in fact my hand is very simular to yours. iv been searching everywere to find out what it could be. i have had this problem when i was younger but went away so never really worried. but i recently wrecked on my bike and problem is back. lol. thanx


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