Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Art... Part 2!

Okay, I didn't go shopping again but thought I would post up a couple of pictures of my all time favorite type of garden art... The living kind! Ü


I love my Ducks!
And I love it when they hang out in my gardens, unlike the chickens that are only welcome in the winter as they are extremely destructive and dig huge pits and fling dirt everywhere... that is why I love my ducks! They are gracious and gentle waddling to and fro and just being down right neighborly. And as an added bonus they give us the most delicious eggs too. Such sweet gals they are.
We have several different breeds. The big white ones are Pekin, the brown one is a Khaki Campbell, and the black one is a Blue Swedish... even though she's black.
We were extremely fortunate with the last batch of ducks we got and most were females as we usually end up with a majority being male in any straight run poultry that we get!

The picture below is of Papa Pekin and his girls. He is gorgeous if I say so myself!


We also have a few Call ducks which were originally called Coy ducks...


They were called that because they were used as decoys to lure in other wild ducks to be captured.
I'm assuming it must have worked well but I haven't seen any wild ducks around my property... well, that is unless you count these guys...


But technically, they're not 'wild'. And we can't even make them leave without them coming back. 
Perhaps then, the Call ducks really do work then? Hmmm?


I think everybody should have a couple ducks (or more!) for their garden.
And I bet you really wished you had some now too! ;-)


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