Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Garden Market Fair 2011

Sunday, May 22nd from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. was the date and time for the annual celebration of spring, gardens, and gardeners in Wilcox Park in the center of Westerly.   (And thank you God that it didn't rain!)

Wilcox Park in downtown Westerly overflowed with an abundance of greenery on Sunday, May 22 as the annual Garden Market Fair took place. (It overflowed with an abundance of people too!)

There were vendors from Rhode Island and Connecticut there selling annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, vegetables- including organically grown ones, herbs, and garden accessories. There were also a large selection of hanging plant arrangements, and visitors were even able to find unusual plants at reasonable prices. (Reasonable prices? heh heh heh That's the politically correct way of saying Cheap! And tack on Variety and those are two of the many reasons I Love to go!)

Wilcox Park volunteers (Park Pals) were at the bandstand helping to sell plants from the park's collections. (That was the Kids Corner at the gazebo... I didn't get to do a craft this year... they told me I was too old. heh heh heh... okay so I really didn't even try to do a craft, I was to busy frolicking.)

Also present this year were vendors offering jewelry, fudge and candy. (There was Fudge there??)

And a local massage therapist was on hand to help alleviate those garden-related aches and pains. (Really? I didn't see that either? Now if only I wasn't so busy hunting I could have had a massage... right there in the park... as thousands of people walked by... okay maybe not...)

This annual celebration of spring; gardens; and gardeners was organized and run by a group of volunteers and the Wilcox Park grounds crew. (And Thank you all very much for doing it! It is something I always look forward to doing every spring! Ü)

At 1:00 the Westerly Town Band also gave an afternoon concert behind the library. (It was a lovely concert too. I could hear it in the distance as I cavorted about.)

I adapted the tense of te above story which was taken from the Westerly Sun
to reflect that it was a 'past' event and not 'future'.
Also everything in the (.) is my comments... in case you couldn't tell!

And if you wished you could have been there, you're in luck... here is pictures from the days events -

Okay I have set this to play in high definition on youtube but it seems the settings are individually controlled and it automatically plays iat a low quality. So to see it 'not blurry' you may have to change it yourself?... stupid! Why did they even bother asking me if I wanted it to play in high definition if it doesn't automatically do it?  

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