Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Sons...

I had been wanting to get some picture of the two of my sons together for a long while now.
I had already taken pictures of Webster with his older sister when she was visiting here in the spring from the midwest  and I was able to get many many pictures! It would seem the two of them work very well together in front of the camera!

So this is Web and his Momma Sissy...

Madison-and-Noah 002
Heh heh heh...*BONK* this one cracks me up!

You would think being able to get a few snapshots of my boys together would be an easier task seeings as though they are living closer to each other, but, alas, with the older working it just hasn't become a reality... well... that is until now!

So at Thanksgiving, I was finally able to get a couple... and for that I am Thankful!
So here is Web and his BIG brother!


I love my kids!