Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'll Have One of Each Please!

It is fitting that the sky is Pink and Blue

because strange things have been happening around here...



Yep! We've been visited by the Stork! Ü

And we have been blessed with two babies,
one of each... a doeling and a buckling!!


Bountiful Blessings Farm is proud to announce...

ummmm... Girl and Boy!!

(Girl is the darker one on your left and Boy is the lighter one on your right)

And oh my-oh-my are they C-U-T-E!!

They were born to Martha and so far she has been a very sweet and loving momma.


I'm just hoping and praying that the babies can get enough to drink in this heat wave and the horse flies will leave them alone also! Nasty creatures those flies are!

Well... I'm heading back out to check on them again... and to swat flies and take a few more pictures!


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