Monday, July 25, 2011


Last night I looked outside and saw Webster sitting in the pasture alone with the goats. So I grabbed my camera and wandered out to see what he was doing.


He had been playing with Martha's babies Mordecai and Ester and I was able to get this great shot of him holding them both on his lap

(Awwww... ain't they just the sweetest things!)

But then I guess Ester had had enough of being held
and was ready to be put down...

(CHOMP! heh heh heh I guess baby goaties have teeth then eh?)

So that just left Mordecai and they shared some bonding time together...


He's gonna make a good daddy some day! ♥

Well... I'm kinda sleepy myself... so for today and it's blessings I thank you Lord!

Goodnight Everyone... Sleep well!



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