Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Slideshow


Okay I admit it, I have my 'blonde' moments but since I posted this last night I was able to add music to the slide show, just not of my own choice!
So now, for you listening pleasure, there is 'lounge' music wafting in the background! Heh heh heh... So go grab your favorite lemonade and watch my slideshow. Bah!   Ü


Okay here are a few pictures that I took today of the snow we had last night. And it was a doozey of a storm! We even had lots of thunder and lightning which was really strange. I don't know the official amount that we got but let me tell ya, it's A LOT of snow... and 'that' is my official report! Ü
Oh, and I wasn't able to put music (for your listening enjoyment) with the slide show because I would have had to upgrade from the free version and I wasn't about to do that when I can upload and use my own music with windows movie maker... now after saying that I was to tired to redo the pictures in Windows so... you can hum your favorite ditty while looking at my pics! Bah!

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