Monday, January 31, 2011

When Life gives you Icicles...

So we are expecting yet another snow storm tomorrow and Wednesday... I am stunned, speechless... well not really, but almost! I can't believe how much snow we are getting!


In the past few years I have increasingly been dreading winter, even during this past summer I kept thinking about dreading winter! But then when fall came I decided that I wasn't going to dread it until I actually Dreaded it! Did that make sense?


Well, I decided that I wasn't going to spoil the wonderful fall weather by dreading something that may not happen! I mean who knows, maybe it would be a really warm winter and I would have ruined my extroidinarily beautiful fall for no reason, right?


So I would see at which point it was that I actually hit bottom and had had enough... silly me! I was figuring that would be around mid-February! Well, I think I've been wallowing at the bottom for a few weeks now! Arrrrg!


It reminds me of someone else I once knew. It was about twenty years ago or so, in the place where I used to live. We would be in the throes of winter, when it was not at all unusual  to hear a shout of acclaimation resounding through the neighborhood.


And that shout was like a mantra of sorts and became expected to be heard at certain moments, either during an extended bout of extra-fridgid New England weather or perhaps it was in the aftermath of a nor'easter blizzard, but regardless, it was always the same. My neighbor, in a flash of desperation, from snowed in vehicles to frozen sidewalks ,would look towards heaven and lamant... "FLORIDA-A-A-A!!"

You know... I can Totally relate to that now!!


So then? What are we going to do?
What do you do when Life gives you Icicles?


Ya don't pucker up and Pout about it!

You Make Lemonade!!
Well, except in my case... I made ice tea!
Heh heh heh



  1. Lovely Photos, Nice to meet ya!

    From Hawter Than Hades,
    South Texas

    Stay warm,

  2. Hey... Nakey Chicken! What a great name btw!...I want to come stay at your house... Please? :-)


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