Tuesday, February 1, 2011

See, I do more than take out the trash!

So, our back deck hadn't been shoveled off since the first snow storm that we got at the beginning of January and I think because we are expecting our umpteenth one now it was in dire need to be cleaned off. I was actually even getting scared that it might just fall off with all the weight of the snow and ice that was on it!

And I usually take my trash out this way and toss it over the deck to the garbage cans below...


But the snow was so high I couldn't even set it on the deck!

Something definately needed to be done, Now!
So I waited until Malachi went to sleep then got the snow shovel, bundled myself up and prepared to do some shoveling.
When Webster saw me heading for the door he asked me 'where ya going?' after I told him he said okay I'll listen for a shriek or a scream. I just laughed and said "Thanks a lot Webster!!" And he said I'll listen for the shriek if the porch falls down and the scream is if you get stabbed by falling icicles! ROTFL!!

Well at that point I decided that I could use some help and handed the shovel over to Web and went out back to get the other shovel.

Clifford is so funny, he was playing with the empty jugs that I had thrown over the rail to put in the garbage.


He was having a blast chasing them as they slid across the ice.


Here are the deadly icicles waiting to impale me...


Pretty impressive eh?

Well, I decided I had better get back up there and help Webster...  it was becoming increasingly dangerous down here ... he started throwing 'stuff' at me!




We weren't able to get it completely cleaned off as Malachi woke up but it is a lot better!


I can at least take the trash out now!


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