Thursday, November 3, 2011

Singing the Praises of an Off Spring Prop!!

Awww, look at sweet baby Malachi!
He's growing up so fast!

125 8x12 BW

Just the other day, I went to take pictures of baby Malachi and I was having a dickens of a time getting him to hold still long enough to get a picture that was not an action shot and then getting him to look at me, then getting him to remotely resemble a pose! That was up until... I used my new incredibly awesome prop... an Off Spring Prop!

It is so cool! I can't believe I have gone all this time without ever using one, but I'm telling you, No More!! I am bringing this thing with me to every photo shoot from now on!

Seriously! If you are having a hard time getting young children, toddlers and/or babies to settle in for the shoot, I'm advising you have to get one! It is well worth the investment of time, effort and money as in the long run you will be guaranteed fabulous results just like the sweet photo of Malachi above!

You wouldn't believe the difference it made! And if you are hard pressed to get a hold of one locally you can rent one, heck, I'll even rent you mine providing I don't need it for the day... and at a reasonable price too!

And I must add, one of the most amazing features of this prop is it's portability. No lugging around heavy chairs or bulky bean bag seats! This thing is amazing in it's maneuverability too! It bends and folds to fit almost any seating situation you may find yourself needing!

So have I utterly convinced to put this at the top of your photography must-have's list?

Are you drooling with anticipation of using one?

Are you curious as to how it works and what it looks like?


You may be one of the lucky ones...

who will be using one soon!!!

Introducing to you ...

The Most Awesomely Spectacular...

125-1 8x12 BW


Get it? Webster is my 'offspring'... and is being used as a prop and that makes him an Off Spring Prop?

And that means that if you have offspring you can have one too just like mine!

Okay, maybe not just like mine... they do come in different shapes and sizes.

And I know, I know... this is a stretch of the imagination but I thought the picture was so funny when I saw it... but somehow the funny loses it's funnieness when you have to explain it?

Oh well...



Oh wait! I wanted to include this picture also...
125-2 8x12 BW

I gave him a haircut!


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