Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You Dirty Rat...

So last night Webster went out to lock the chickens up and comes back in and tells me one chicken wouldn't go in and he didn't know where it went.... ??? Grrrr... so I get the spot light and go out with him to find the missing chicken. I first wanted to take a head count inside the coop hoping that perhaps Webster just missed seeing it go inside somehow.
So I'm at the door shining the light in when I suddenly see a small furry head bob up in one of the hen stations, look at me with it's beady little eyes and in less time than my mind allowed me to interpret the scene, it swiftly scurried down the boards to the floor where it bounded towards the doorway where I was standing between it and  it's freedom... *cups hand to ear and listens* Interesting... I believe I am still hearing echoes of my bellowing scream? heh heh heh


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