Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursdays

Ahhhh, green grass and freshly painted tootsies!

Taken April 13, 2011, we were in Washington State (living on the East coast you always need to clarify which Washington you are referring to).
It was my mommies birthday isn't she so cute!

 I Love her so much! Anyway us girls had all gone out to get a pedicure.

We had so much fun... some of us more than others hehe!

The shop had just opened and we got to use the brand new massage chairs. They massaged every part of your body from your ankles to your neck and every place in between.
And I do mean everyplace in between, to say the least, it was a very, Very strange experience if not downright violating! 

We were all 'cracking' up over the 'buttock massage' hehehe! 

Thank God we could shut that part of the massage off otherwise we may never have ended up with these pretty piggies.

 Can you guess whose feet are whose


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