Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm on the Map! (Hopefully!)

I just received a call from google maps... and in in case you were wondering, google maps doesn't sound at all like siri, as she's a she and google maps is a he and he speaks with a strong Indian accent Ü.

I was hoping to get the address for my business straightened out on google+ which uses google maps, as no matter how many times I change it to say North Rd it changes back to old Rockville Rd and that is not my address!

We'll see if this works. I'm not too hopeful though as I believe there was something lost in googles English to Hindi translation of my answer to his question of owning a storefront. 

My reply? "A storefront? But I don't have a storefront you mean like as in a store that sells things? I'm not a store but my business is in my home, and I have a studio and my studio is in my homefront not a storefront!" 

After he heard that he didn't say anything else except, सब कुछ है सब तय की और देखभाल... so like I said we'll see!

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