Saturday, June 26, 2010

I have run out of spare time...

And patience!!
I have been trying in my spare time... (ba-hahahahahaha! more like wasting my spare time) to put together a slide show that I can write my comments into each picture.
Now I do know there are programs out there that do it as I have downloaded one that I like but to get it without advertising I would have to pay and of course they don't tell you these things until the very end when your project is finished and you go to share it and you get the... "Oh, by the way... the template YOU have chosen does not come with the options You want BUT for only $$$$ you can have it ALL! Isn't that nice of them?
That has happened to me with other things also. The description is always great but then I have to download *something* and there it is... with all the bells and whistles but then they nail you with the price tag at the end. Ahhh... when will I learn?
So anyway, I will continue my quest of a fantastic do-all-that-I-want FREE programs but for now here is a slideshow on Flickr of my very first REAL riding lesson!
I was sooo happy (and you will see me smiling).
I also want to thank Tessy for being my photographer for the day as Mike (The Farmer of the DELLs) did not know how to take a picture with my camera?
Our conversation went something like this. Now, mind you, at this point I was already in the saddle ready to ride.
Mike- "How do you do it?"
Me- "You just need to push the button"
Mike- "This button right here?"
Me- "Yes, that button"
Mike... "It's not working."

That is when Tessy stepped in...  Thanks Tessy!
But I do believe next time, before I get on my horse, I may be giving a photography lesson... or two! Ü

So anyway, if you want to see the comments that I made you will have to click up in the right hand corner of the slideshow where it says show info... and I will continue my quest for the perfect and free (and it has to be easy!) slideshow maker and video editor... either that or I may just fork over the moola and forget all this frustrating nonsense!

But if anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know!

AND... it has been brought to my attention that the comments box for blogger is a bit confusing, and I agree it can be. So I am going to leave instructions at the bottoms of my posts for those (and you know who you are) who have difficulties leaving comments. Ü
So... go ahead and type in the comment box what you want to say, and then underneath that where it says "comment as" there is a drop down menu.
When you click it it gives you the option to "select a profile".
Now if you do not have a profile with any of the things listed there you can still comment, just go to the bottom where it says "Name/URL" or "Anonymous".
If you click on "Name/URL" you do not have to have a URL to leave your name!
Just fill in your name and hit continue and your name will appear in the "comment as" box and then hit the "post comment" button and you are done!
Or you could do it anonymously!
I think the reason they want to use an existing profile is that then your name would be remembered in the "post as" drop down menu. Maybe?


  1. Farmer in the DellJune 26, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    Testing one two three....i think i got it honey


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