Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Brake for Yard Sales!

You know there are times when it seems that everyone else is the Lucky one finding that proverbial four leaf clover...


and sometimes it seems my timing just isn't right as I may be in the right place but at the wrong time and then there are times when I get a bad case of the "Oh, if only's"... But then... there are the times when God sees fit to put me in a place where he can bless me...


and today just happened to be that day!


Mike and I were on our way to lunch when we passed a sign that said two fantastically Lovely words… Yard Sale. I didn’t even see the sign myself, it was Mike that pointed it out and asked if I wanted to stop…???
*Snort* thought I… Does a horse poop in the pasture?? Of course I wanted to stop!


So, we turned around and went back and my, oh my, are we glad that we did!
(Right Honey? Ü)


The people were liquidating stuff that they had from their eclectic little business that was a deli and garden shop in one!


I was having a blast rummaging through shelves, boxes and bins...


... looking for trinkets,




...and treasures to call my own!


As a matter of fact, I had so much fun


that I went back for a second time...


And even gave them my phone number


to call me for the next yard sale


which they said they were planning to have again next month.


They listed me in their phone as Angie 'Yard Sale'... I kinda like that, and am kicking around the idea of making that my middle name.
heh heh heh


So, if anyone else is interested… I suppose... I could let you know Ü


But the best part of all of this is when in the midst of my excitement I stopped and realized what was happening and I took a step back and looked toward Heaven and said… Thank you Lord… from whom All Blessings flow! ♥


You know, every so often there are the times like today... when God's orchestrates and leads me to the perfect place where he gets my attention enough for me to hear him whisper and there he blesses me.

It was in the midst of my delving that I realized what was happening... that it is not the blessing of physical gifts that is important... it's that the giver of all gifts is God and every blessing there is to receive comes from his hand.

And he is my provider and it is he who always seems to give me more than just my needs... and gives me so much more than I deserve.

And all the physical blessings in this world cannot compare to receiving the one true and incorruptible treasure which cannot rust or be destroyed or taken from me because it is not kept here on earth but is kept in heaven.

So, even though this stuff is kinda nice... it is God's gift of Jesus, who is my salvation, whom I am, and will be, eternally grateful for! ♥

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