Monday, November 8, 2010

How did we get here from there?

Aww crumb! It snowed today! Such a cruel joke for someone like me who is hoping to just skip the cold, wet, frozen, sloppy, slushy, gross and disgusting weather and go strait to Spring!

But... on the other side of the coin Mr. Noah has been so excited about our first earlier-than-ever snowfall and seeing his smiling face definately brings joy to my heart. So, I guess I can bear with this torture and smile also if it makes him so happy... I just hope he doesn't expect me to go out and build snowmen with him!

luckily he didn't ask me to go out except to take this picture! Ü

My original post today was to be about a warmer time, which was just a little over a week ago, when Hopey's family came to visit with us again.  It was such a lovely day then and the kids were having a great time running around playing together and their mom and I were kicking back relaxing and taking it all in... and of course I had my handy dandy camera in hand. And it's a good thing too cause if I didn't have the pictures to prove it, today I would be thinking it was all a very distant dream!

The first thing on the boys agenda was playing some tennis with a couple of used rackets I had just picked up at the thrift shop.


I think we had some budding tennis players here, well, except Kieran who I think at times may have been playing baseball instead of tennis... but regardless, tennis or baseball, they all had a blast while doing it.

My favorite 'funny' shots were these pics, notice where the ball is in all three... and Kieran's tongue!

Hehehehe!  These crack me up everytime I look at them!

And then my favorite tennis shots that are not funny, but are just super cute are these...


Then we decided to move around back to the wilder side of our property...


to the trampoline where it was reminiscient of a scene from a WWE Smackdown.

(And Kieran was KING! Ü)

Then there was horse watching...


and horse petting...


and pig watching...


and pig petting...

(Julie and Joy were having a bonding moment Ü)

And swing-set-swinging...


And not to be left out... Hopey playing!


And then... it came time for them to leave... heh heh heh... Okay, I won't mention the incident involving the tree or who it was that careened out of control and hit it while backing up and scared everybody half to death...*cough* *cough* Julie *cough* heh heh heh... but regardless of that nobody was hurt (including said tree!)  and they went merrily on their way. 
But it was so nice having our good friends over for the day to enjoy the last of the warm weather with us and look forward to seeing them (and warm weather) again soon!

Until next time... love you guys!

And Mrs. Andretti
 She was probably getting tips from Mario on proper backing up techniques.

Heh heh heh 

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  1. I love it! Great photos! Love hearing the stories of this great farm and all the animals the boys see including Hope. So glad everyone is healthy and loved. Awesome job.


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