Friday, November 19, 2010

Magic Wings

This year for Noah's birthday we decided to go to a butterfly conservatory in South Deerfield, MA called Magic Wings.  It is very unique experience and if you have never gone to a butterfly conservatory before I do recommend doing so.

I would also recommend wearing light clothing if you do go, not light as in color but light as in weight like a short sleeved shirt, as it was very warm and humid in there, which I suppose should be expected as you are surrounded by tropical butterflies which live in such places that are warm and humid!

And if you really want the tropical effect you could wear a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops... I didn't see any rules about a dress code?
But you would have to leave your picnic lunch and lemonade at home... refer to rule #2 


And I think we did pretty good at obeying the rules... well, most of them anyway... I occasionally pretended I didn't have any children to watch (#6) but that was only when they were running around (#3) going off the path (#4) chasing butterflies (#1) and picking flowers (#5)... Ü

You all know I'm joking right? of course you do...Well anyway, here is a little slideshow of our trip there... I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed being there!

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