Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Random Post about Random Things...

This is what our road looks like in October.


This is a picture of Noah when he opened up his birthday gift from his favorite Aunty.


And this is what it was that he just opened... heh heh heh


She's great at finding perfect gifts like that... take this one for example...

Flea Tick
She's pretty funny, eh?

She gave them to me last year after I had just battled with the Fleas from Hades all summer! And of course, I think everyone knows how much I Love ticks... NOT!

And this is a picture of my knuckle that I just burnt on our woodstove...

That's because I don't know where my husband hid the gloves.

And this is a picture that I am going to get printed...

Cowboy painting 5x7

to put in this frame that came from the most Awesome store in the world!
I'll have to find another picture for the other side.


My sister did buy the frame for me so that makes up for the flea... I don't know if anything can make up for the tick though.

And this is a picture of Cheeks sitting in the leaves. I took it while taking our Family pictures.

Isn't he just the cutest thing?

And this is our new dining room set.

dining room
So we officially now have a dining room!

And this is a Random Rooster...

rooster 001

He is famous for making Lip Balm.

Heh heh heh


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