Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The Contest is Over!
Roseann correctly guessed it was Garlic!
Congrats Roseann!

Attention: I have updated this post by adding a couple of more pictures and a hint at the bottom, so scroll down to see the update!

I remember watching a TV movie called Skylark many years ago. It was based on a book by the same name that was written by Patricia Maclachlan and was one of a series of 5 books including Sarah Plain and Tall.  
 One of the things that stuck with me from that movie was the scene where the family dog is being introduced to Sarah and she asks what the dogs name is and is told Guess. And so she guesses... and guesses... and guesses again, not realizing that the dogs name was Guess!

And it seems, I am always remembering that when ever I hear someone say, "Guess?"
And the reason why I am telling you this now is because I'm asking the question of you!

Can you Guess?

As I was going about my farmly chores recently of harvesting such things as strawberries...

And lavender...

and this stuff...

 When I thought to myself... Hmmm? I wonder if anyone could guess what these things are? 

So then I thought, wouldn't it be fun to not only have people guess but to make it an unofficial
1st ever Bountiful Blessing Farm Contest* 

And what's a contest if there isn't a prize?

So, to the first person to guess correctly what the green things are that I am holding in my hand in these pictures, will be given (or sent depending on where you live) a $10.00 personalized Bountiful Blessings Farm Dunkin Donuts gift card! 

How Sweet is that? Literally even! You can get yourself something sweet and yummy for your tummy!

If you are the winner, you can choose (or I will choose for you) a critter from our farm or flowers from my garden or some such other thing found here at our homestead to personalize your card with.

Here's an example of what your card could look like using a picture of our Ducks

I love my ducks ♥

But the picture could be of any other variety of the Flora or Fauna found on our Farm-a.

You be the first to provide the correct answer and I'll provide the picture and the card.
Easy peasy!

So then... Do you care to give it a Guess?

For the sake of simplicity, and to keep guesses in one place, please go to our 
Bountiful Blessings facebook page
and leave your guess in the comments section under the link to this post

And I will contact the winning guesser to set up the card details.

So there you have it!

Happy Guessing!

*You do have to live in the USA

(and preferably for you, near a DD Ü)

I would add something like, 'no close relatives or friends may enter this contest' but I doubt any of my close relatives or friends could guess correctly anyway (and you know who you all are!) so, hehehehe... go for it!


Funny, because my one concern of doing this contest was that it would be very short lived, meaning I envisioned the first person to see it saying, "Oh, I know what those are!" and guess them first thing and then the contest would have been over... which would have been alright but I'd hoped for a little bit of suspense and mystery along the way.
Heh heh heh!

Well, I guess it's working!

Everyone is in suspense at the mysterious greenery suspended from my hand but no one has been able to guess correctly yet. 
So, I thought I would add a couple of more pictures that show more of what I am holding.

And perhaps give you an extra clue... 

These are not the main harvest but rather an edible by product

Any more guesses?