Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great Gluteus Maximus!

I let the 'kids' outside the other day to stretch their legs and run off a little energy.

auction great-great grandma 080x
(And, yes, this was before we got the foot of snow!)

It was the first time that Courtney had been in the side paddocks and she wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first. But it didn't take long before she made herself at home.

auction great-great grandma 102x

She really is such a buxum beauty!
A rather full figured gal with a body shape that I can certainly identify with.

auction great-great grandma 104x

You see, over the years she's had a few babies... as have I,  and has gotten a bit hefty in the haunches... or rather a bit robustious in the rear-end-er parts... and I can relate to that too... I believe it's a sisterhood of sorts... to have a pudgy posterior is a rite of passage... it is a badge of honor that is earned... a statement that says 'yes... I have given birth and I am darn proud of it!' This is our common bond...

auction great-great grandma 134x

I say Sisters of the Hearty Hindquarters unite! Heh heh heh
Can I get an Amen here? Ü

I bet you didn't know that a burly backside could say all that?
Well... let me assure you it does...

auction great-great grandma 089x

And so does a bountiful barrel...

auction great-great grandma 109x

and it has absolutely nothing to do with food intake...

auction great-great grandma 120x

Nope-Nope... it's all about those babies!

Courtney is even health conscience, she excersises daily by doing head lifts...

up-down, up-down...

auction great-great grandma 125x

up-down, up-down...

auction great-great grandma 111x

Hmmm... up-down, up-down?.. ... down? down? down...???

auction great-great grandma 110x

Well, she keeps herself fit and trim by refraining from eating every little morsel, that is served her on a regular basis, and choosing instead to spend her time gnawing on the roots of grasses and scraping the mosses off the frozen landscape that couldn't possibly sustain a mini horse let alone a grand gal like her...

auction great-great grandma 112x

And she could mindlessly abide her time doing this but she has to keep the youngsters in line

auction great-great grandma 083x

and that keeps her on the move

auction great-great grandma 096x

I know how she feels... it's all part of being a Mom.


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