Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Day... Another Doctor!

Okay tomorrow, I'm meeting Madison over at the cardiologists office in Westerly because when we were at the pharmacy getting Webster's presciptions filled she sat at the blood pressure machine and her blood pressure was great! But her pulse was 108 and we hadn't been running no marathons! And she says it's even been higher than that! Not a good thing!

So I was calling around today for appointments, I almost took her back to the same clinic that I had Webster at yesterday if I had known then I would have had her checked out then and there... but it is actually better this way skipping right to the main doctor!!

And I don't know if Webster's cough is sounding too much better... it sounds a bit different but it's still very deep and noisy hopefully by tomorrow things will start loosening up, or drying up... or whatever needs to be done for him to be better!!

And here's a pic of our pup... I think he loves me. ♥

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