Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Farmer has a Green Thumb too...

I had second thoughts today about keeping the tulips inside, even though they were already sprouting and my sweet neighbor, and fellow gardening enthusiast Isabelle, assured me that it was alright to do and that she was keeping hers inside (she got the same great deal I did!). I just kept thinking it wasn't going to work and I had good reason to think that way, because I know that tulips don't grow well and bloom in mild-winter areas. And if you do want tulips to bloom in planting zones 8 through 10 then the bulbs will have to be chilled in a refrigerator for six to eight weeks before planting. (Doing that is called forcing the bulbs) and I highly doubted that these bulbs that have been hanging out at the store for months would have gotten anywhere near refrigerator temperatures.
And I 've said all that to say that I ended up moving the tulips in their pots out on a shelf in the garage. So now, I'm really interested to see if I succeed in killing them or not. Hehehehe!

And there is still no marmalade but I am still determined to make it eventually!

And I do have a good excuse! I was side tracked today by a totally amazing gift given to me by my husband, the Farmer of the DELLS.


You see, all this time that I've known him being the Farmer and all I had no idea that he was horticulturally inclined and I most certainly didn't know that he could actually grow one of these!

And let me tell ya! He must have given this one extra fertilizer... or perhaps he genetically modified it to grow bigger... and have less bugs... and have a super duper immune system to prevent viruses from even thinking about infecting my computer... even if I do accidently click that one button that I'm not supposed to click.
I can just envision those viruses ricocheting off this like bullets off a sheild

Ahhhh... but what I don't have to envision is opening up photoshop and working on some pictures or playing a game or two or six of Words With Friends... with my friends, because I've already done things like that... and let me tell ya... this new monitor is amazingly Amazing!!

♥ So Thankful to my Farmer ♥

And do you see Tokeeo? She is trying to camouflage herself underneath my desk.  This is her favorite place to lie down. She wants to be as close to me as possible and she makes a really good foot warmer. So I don't mind... except when I've fed her left over bean burritos... then I mind... A Lot!



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