Friday, January 13, 2012

Irises but No Marmalade

Okay, so I didn't get the marmalade made today. I did check out some recipes and as I suspected it is Not going to be an Easy Peasy recipe like the freezer jam because I have to peel the peel off the oranges, which is the orange part and not the spongy white stuff... I'm sure the spongy white stuff has a name but to me it's just spongy white stuff... and then chop it up and measure some stuff and cook and can it. So there's a lot more steps than the freezer kind... But! I am still going to do it because I already bought the oranges!

But I did get some bulbs planted into pots that I had picked up at my local Job Lot store. I was able to get 1 bag of tulips and 2 types of Irises. I got them at a dramatically reduced price of only one dollar a bag because it is so late in the season. Well, actually the season is over! These should have been planted months ago outside in the ground but they still looked good so thought I would rescue them and give them a chance at life.
So the plan is to put them into pots and then transplant them into the garden come spring.


The bag with 12 tulip bulbs were already starting to sprout so I divided them, 6 each, into 2 pots of dirt... or if your more sophisticated you can call it potting soil but to me it's dirt you know, it's the stuff that gets under your fingernails, potting soil is too sophisticated to do such things.
Oh... and speaking of dirt, or potting soil, it is a good idea to stock up at the end of the summer season because it is hard to find in winter. That's because they hide it in the storage room in the back of the store and won't sell it to you... even if you say please, or pretty please and grovel just little, they still won't let you have any. It's taboo to sell in the off season sorta like wearing a white fanny pack past Labor Day. So, you'll want to stock up on a bag or two at the end of summer so you will have it on hand for potting necessities such as these.


I planted the irises in 2 pots also and put them all in the front parlor and am going to keep the dirt moist and my fingers crossed and say a little prayer and wait and see how they do!


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