Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Winter Days Like These...

On winter days like these when it is really cold out and just stepping out to get the mail from the mail box makes you want to scream and run back to the warmth and safety of your Snuggie

butternut soup 019x

it's on days like these that there's nothing like a delicious hot steaming bowl of soup to warm your soul...
especially if it's homemade!

butternut soup 155x

Butternut squash soup!

This is has got to be one of my favorite winter time soups to make... and to eat for that matter!
It's easy and fast as there are not a whole lot of ingredients.

butternut soup 161x

In a 4 quart pot I add 2 stalks sliced celery, 1/2 an onion chopped, and 3 tablespoons butter

butternut soup 106x

and cook them on medium heat until they start to brown.

I then add a small peeled and de-seeded squash (that I grew in my garden last summer) that's been cut into chunks... but if I don't have a homegrown squash I buy the already peeled and seeded one at the supermarket. It makes it even easier. Although, they tend not to be as colorful as my homegrown ones!
Pretty eh? And packed with vitamins!

butternut soup 104x

They are cooked together for about 5 minutes more, stirring occasionally

butternut soup 112x

I then add 2 cups water

butternut soup 115x

A hearty pinch of sage

butternut soup 119x

And 1 teaspoon chicken bouillon... or in this case, Better Than Bouillon! Ü

butternut soup 117x

which by the looks of it I may have tried opening with my teeth! Wow... impressive gnaw marks!  

Then I let it simmer for a bit, just enough to soften the vegtables but not make them mushy. I use a potato masher to squish the squash but leaving it chunky because I prefer my soup to have substance... you know, stuff to sink my teeth into.

butternut soup 128x

Next I add a cup of milk...

butternut soup 136x

unless of course I did 15 gruelling minutes on the elliptical... sometime during the past week... then I could mix some half and half in with the milk. But if I want it with less fat because I didn't do 15 gruelling minutes on the elliptical... sometime in my lifetime... I could use lowfat milk.

This recipe is kinda cool like that, I can add whatever kind of milk I have available at the time deserve and it'll still taste good.

butternut soup 126x

Then I just give it a quick stir, and turn the stove off

butternut soup 141x

and waa-laa! It's done!!

And o-o-o-oh, it is so-o-o-o Yummy!

butternut soup 155x


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