Monday, January 4, 2010

The Proper Shoveling Attire...

Okay... so I decided to venture out of my cozy corner inside the house and help Webster shovel the front walk way but for the life of me I couldn't find any of my own hats. So I spent some time rummaging around in the glove and hat basket but my choices were very limited. I refused to wear the blue one that Websters great grandmother knit for him when he was a baby, even though it did fit me, and the black ski mask made me a bit claustophobic. So I opted for the don't-shoot-me-I'm-not-a-deer hat. It worked well. My head was toasty and any prospective deer hunters recognized me as a humanoid. Of course with my matching bright orange sweat pants I really had nothing to worry about in the first place.

Webster Snowfight 218x

And it's proper snow shoveling ettiquette to wear only one pant leg tucked into the boot. That is the way all the professional snow shovelers do it.
I actually remember that being the 'in' thing for kids to do back in Jr. High, to have one pant leg rolled up... what a bunch of dorks, eh?

And if you get bored during shoveling and need a break from the monotony you can always do this to your youngest child... it's loads of fun!

Webster Snowfight 225x
Heh heh heh!

And before you think that I am a child abuser and call the welfare department... please notice in the previous picture Websters impish grin and hands poised to pack-pack-pack the snowball that moments after the shutter sounded he whapped his unsuspecting mom in the back of the head with.

Yep... loads of fun Ü !

And besides, he had already been previously threatened to within an inch of his life for pulling faces like this when pictures are being taken.

If my memory serves me right it was for this picture right here...


So, after I cleaned the snow out from the back of my neck and out of my ears and I finished shoveling the sidewalk, we then mosied out into the field to build a snowman. Even though it wasn't the best type of snowman making snow Webster was working at it diligently...

Webster Snowfight 364x
Webster Snowfight 366x

I love the law of gravity... it is so simple and easy to obey. I mean really, how would you break it? It takes no effort at all... cause and effect... what goes up must come down...

Heh heh heh... *Whap*

Webster Snowfight 357x

 He didn't know what hit him...

Webster Snowfight 359x

I on the other hand...

Webster Snowfight 295x

Saw it coming!

Webster Snowfight 372x

**No injuries were sustained in the making of this post** 


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