Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two Haflingers and a Half-Pint!

Uh-oh Courtney... don't look now, but here comes that midget monster that I told you about...

DMV- Court & Sam 058x

Don't worry... I'll take care of her

DMV- Court & Sam 064x

Go away you one-eyed wonder! Courtney's my friend!
DMV- Court & Sam 099x
                                    Hello little one... pleased to meet you  
                                   My name is Courtney
DMV- Court & Sam 101x
 *Snort* (Little one? Yeah right, who does she think she's callin' little!)

Courtney! Listen to what I'm tellin' ya! What ever you do, don't look her in the eye...
she'll mesmerize you!!
DMV- Court & Sam 107x
Uhhh... Courtney?

DMV- Court & Sam 104x


DMV- Court & Sam 106x

Oh Noooo! It's too late!

DMV- Court & Sam 108x

I can't look...

DMV- Court & Sam 111x

DMV- Court & Sam 132x

DMV- Court & Sam 127x

Now look what you did you pocket-sized pony! You scared Courtney!

DMV- Court & Sam 129x

Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of...

Two Haflingers... and a Half-Pint!


Okay... this was a pretty goofy post and sorry to torture anybody who reads it. But because this is my blog, if I want to be a dork I can... and nobody can do anything about it so- Hah!

But... in all seriousness, Courtney has been an absolute blessing! . She has such a beautiful gentle spirit that has had a profound effect on both Samuel and Shiloh. Until she came it seemed that all Sam and Shiloh would do was bicker and fight like two little kids with no supervision. but Courtney has brought peace and stability to the herd! And being a peacemaker is such a beautiful thing to be!

 Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. Mat 5:9


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