Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surfs Up!

My beautiful mother-in-law recently bought Malachi the cutest pair of sunglasses because the poor baby has, well, baby eyes that are very sensitive and he just doesn't like it bright and sunny. 
I can relate to him. When I was younger and realized that tanning was something that teenagers did I had to get these cool little eye covers that had smiley faces imprinted on them just so that I could lay there! And now, I am a habitual sunglass wearer... although now mine can usually be found on top of my head holding my hair back. hehehehe
And maybe someday,  when Malachi actually has hair,  he can use them to do that too... but for now they will be used so the sun won't bother his precious eyes.
So anyway, I've been in hunting mode for the perfect little beach hat to go with them. And I just happened to find it the other day at one of my all time favorite stores...

Oh, I could get in some serious trouble in here! Heh heh heh Ü

They have the coolest stuff and maybe one day I will take my camera in and give you all the 'inside' scoop and you can see for yourself why I think it is the most awesome store!

But for now, take a gander at this all-too-cool little surfer dude hat that I bought.


Dude! He's like Totally Gnarlatious!

Isn't it just the cutest thing!
Cowabunga! heh heh heh

I think his hat is like too Totally Radical... don't you think so too?

I just wish they came in bigger sizes cause...
Hey!... Ooooh... what is that I can see?...


Is it?

It is!!

It's... Baby Digits!

Awww... Beautiful little Baby Digits!


Hanging Ten! Hehehehe

I told you! I just can't help myself!


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