Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Deluge!

I am finally getting around to putting something together about terrible flooding in our area... but before I go on I will just let you know that our house and property have been spared any damage and we are very thankful for that but there are many that have recieved damage, a lot of flooded basements, you constantly see water running down streets where people are still pumping and then there are those who have have lost their house and property... some are still under water waiting for the water to subside.
There are many roads/bridges that are unpassable either because of damage or because they are still submerged. The thing to say now days is "Ya can't get there from here" or it is a challenge to say the least!! 
Well, here are some pictures for you to see for yourselves... I did not take all these pictures I have gleaned these from many sources and would like to thankVickie and Kim for letting me use theirs.


Wood River


North Stonington Village

Industrial Drive in Westerly.
The river is susposed to be behind the red building in the background

Looking up Industrial Drive towards Pleasant Street
Tan building to the right is the Johnnycake Center and the white building and green house at the end is Pucci's Carpets

Here is a map that shows Industrial Drive and where the river should have been.
The river marks the border between Rhode Island and Connecticut

Below is a slideshow of pictures

I am hoping this link will work as it is a playlist from youtube of  our area flooding videos

Here are a couple of after pictures of North Stonington Village

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