Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring (Part 1)

A little sun, a little rain,

spring flowers 082 5x7

O soft wind blowing from the west,

spring flowers 088x

And woods and fields are sweet again,

spring flowers 036x

And warmth within the mountains breast,

spring flowers 040x

A little love, a little trust,

spring flowers 054 5x7

A soft impulse, a sudden dream,


And life as dry as desert dust,

Grape Hyacynth 001

Is fresher than a mountain stream.


Poem by Stopford A Brooke

Primrose 001
Flowers from top-
Double Petaled Tulip
Leopards Bane
Flowering Almond
Creeping Speedwell
Grape Hyacinth
Apple Blossoms

Spring... to be continued... Ü

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