Friday, April 16, 2010

The kid's got style!

Noah and I decided that it would be fun to go to Alley Katz to go bowling. We had not been there in quite awhile and I was very impressed as they had really improved the place. It used to be rather dark and dismal and had that old bowling alley smell... you know the one I'm talking about, nothing else can describe it... it just smelled like an old bowling alley.
I was told that there had been a movie filmed there and the day the film crew packed up, the place was demolished inside and redone, very nicely too I might add. I approve, it is very bright and cheery!
The seating is very cushy and nice almost like you were sitting in a living room... it's comfy like that.
bowling 236x

And they also updated the scoring computer thingy which is really nice... even I could figure it out... and they use the space next to the score screen for advertising... like this- 

bowling toes 108x
What a deal, eh?

Of course, we didn't know about the great deal until we saw it being advertised and we had got there at 3:30 so had to pay full price for the shoes and the first two games but the guy did let us have the last two for the 99 cent price as they were started after 4:00.
So next time we go we will know... and so will you!

And I guess I should clarify that it was Noah who went bowling as I was just his chaufer and bowling coach... and picture taker!

bowling toes 080x

So, I explained to him the fundamentals of bowling... showed him how to properly hold the ball, where to stand, how to walk and release the ball and the follow through... and he gleaned every bit of information I had of my vast knowledge of bowling skills... that I acquired back in sixth grade when our team won the first place grand trophy...*pats on the back*... Oh, those were the good ole days! heh heh heh

And then it was time to put this knowledge into practice...

bowling toes 070x

Here's the approach...

bowling toes 132x

The swing...

bowling toes 142x
(good thing he had a tight grip, eh?)

 The release and follow through...

bowling toes 174xx

Pretty good, if I don't say so myself... which I think I just did! Ü

bowling toes 088x

A chip off the old bowling ball I think!

But it wasn't long before he promptly tossed all my awesome professional instruction aside and decided he wanted to develop his own style...

bowling toes 079x

All I can say is... Good thing he was using bumpers!

bowling toes 182x

I think he is trying to put a curve on the ball by hooking it?

bowling toes 111x

I don't think it was working on the bowling ball but his body definately has a good hook to it! Ü

bowling toes 144x

A bowling contortionist?

bowling toes 118x

At times I had to wonder whether he thought he was at the baseball field instead of a bowling alley?

bowling toes 153x

Then I began to feel sorry for Mr. Bill... the poor bowling ball, he was being subjected to all that bouncing...

bowling toes 099x

Noah was merciless...

Bye-bye Mr. Bill!

bowling toes 178x

And there were things that made me realize that even though the bowling alley had gotten a new look it had the same old character to it... like this advertisement for instance- 

bowling toes 110x

Hmmm... Yep everybody, mark your calendars... Tuesday night is 'SIN' night at the bowling alley! Yay!
 Seriously though... I wonder what kind of shady characters show up for 'SIN' night?
 Well... in case any of you are wondering... I won't be making it... it's past my bedtime, but... you know... you all can go if you want to...
I'll just stick to this-

bowling toes 108x


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