Thursday, December 24, 2009

It was just a little snow...

What's the big deal?

Butterfly snow 185x

So we got a little snow...

Butterfly snow 130x

It was a Nor'easter,

Butterfly snow 163x

It's not like New England hasn't seen a Nor'easter before!

Alright,  maybe not everybody in New England has seen this much snow before... or at least gotten up close and personal with it, take Webster for instance...

Butterfly snow 192x

this is the first time that he has been on the outside looking in and I have been on the inside looking out...

Butterfly snow 176x

It's kinda nice from this perspective

Butterfly snow 204x
Butterfly snow 203x

And I, of course, wanted to capture these moments for posterity...

Butterfly snow 184x

Well, Web wasn't too thrilled about my capturing this particular momentous occasion...

Butterfly snow 183x

and went and reported me to the Farmer of the DELLs

I was told to stop harrassing the forced labourer volunteer worker and was not to take any more momentous pictures...


so I became the paparazzi and went incognito sneaky-o instead! hehehehe

And it is a good thing too!

Because as soon as my back was turned what happened?
I catch him sleeping on the job!

Butterfly snow 214x

Com'on... get back to work!

Butterfly snow 135x

Hey... HEY! Where do you think you're going?
You're not done YET!

Boy... it's sure hard to find good workers now-a-days!

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