Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Annual Christmas party...

Well... we have one week to go and true to my husbands style he waits until the pressure is on to do a Major project around the house!

The last one was just a few short months ago when he decided to remortgage the house and take advantage of the lower rates. Well it just so happened to be the same time that my parents were here to visit and we ended up having to revamp the entire kitchen as even though it was the same mortgage company that we had they now wanted a full appraisal instead of a drive by... and our kitchen was running in temperary mode...

See... temporary mode

So it was obvious that we did indeed need a revamping but to have to do it the same time as company being here was a wee bit hectic to say the least... and then to add to the stressors of all that we were invaded by the fleas from Hades and also their close relatives the zombie fleas (because I believe that the ones that did indeed succumb to the miriad of poisons revived to live again!)
But we did get the kitchen finished...

well finished enough anyway, as we are still in need some minor work... like the leaky pipe in the upstairs bathroom that needs to be fixed  so then we can patch that hole in the ceiling... minor stuff like that.
So that brings us to the current project.

We are upon the time of year we open our home to family and friends for our 14th annual Christmas Party and it is a week away... six days to be more specific and...
This was my house today...
Can you guess what they are doing?
And do you think it will be done by Saturday?

And one might think this would stress me out... Naaah, says I! This doesn't stress me a bit... I am cool as a cucumber... I am getting used to living on the edge... on the edge of insanity that is! Hehehehe
But in any event...sanity or insanity... Come one, Come all... I would like to invite you to join us this coming Saturday. We will have lots of food and hopefully we will remember to do the Christmas carol sing along this year which has always been a fun part of the night. And if anybody needs directions please let me know... I would love to see you all!
And if the Lord leads you to wear your work clothes that day when you come here... be it far from me to interfere with the Lord's urgings... and your obedience
No need to bring anything if you do come... but you may be encouraged to take something home... like a piggie... or two... or three! Ü