Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chicken in the Woods

Okay... I really don't know why I titled my post that, it may have been because that is what I gave the title to my pictures when I uploaded them to my computer... but I don't know why I titled them that then either. It may have to do with the picture of the mushrooms that I took as they reminded me of Chicken of the Woods but it wasn't them (although I have seen them before and eaten them and they are very tasty indeed)... or maybe it was because I was taking pictures of Webster in the woods and he is the biggest chicken that I know of, so that could have been it too... but regardless, there you have it... it is what it is... Chicken in the Woods...

Chicken in the woods 090a

Chicken in the woods 089x

Chicken in the woods 070a

Chicken in the woods 106x

Chicken in the woods 125a

Chicken in the woods 088x

Chicken in the woods 102a

Chicken in the woods 123

I love the beauty in the simple things that God has created... there is such perfection and balance between the colors and symetery found in natural living things especially at this time of year. They all seem to blend effortlessly.
I suppose that may be the reason that I have a tendency to gravitate towards such colors as these found here in these photos. And I also suppose that is the reason I have chosen such colors to paint the inside of my house...this is the paint pallette of my favorite room... my dining room!
Dinnette paint colors
Notice the similarities?

The real reason behind this particular post though wasn't just to show you all the lovely pictures of moss and twigs and such, but was because I am learning new photo layouts techniques and I wanted to see how they looked posted as the finished product. And now after seeing them I must say I do like them! Pretty snazzy I think! Ü
And my blog still seems to be a continuing work in progress, as I have not gottem it to a place where I like it.
I do like the simplicity of this straight forward template but it is quite dorked and so it still needs tweaking and changing until it reaches perfection... sorta like me... as I still need tweaking and changing too...until I reach perfection! Ü
And I realize that it probably would behoove me to explain some of my photos. Take for instance the one where Webster is holding a thorn... that is the brier from the Greenbrier plant and it is unbelievably a native species... and a very nasty native speicies at that! Just take a good look at the size of that pricker! Yikes! Mean I say... very mean! 
And the reason I say 'unbelievably native' is because it is usually the non-native species that I would have such disdain for and feel justified and patriotic even, at trying to erradicate them.
I suspose though that greenbrier is not quite at the same erradication status as ticks and fleas which I really really disdain, but that disdaining discussion will have to make up a whole 'nother post of it's own.
So until then... You all have a Blessed Day today!